Co2 Gas Flooding System, PA and Talk Back System, FM-200 Gas & NAF 125 Flooding System

Co2 Gas Flooding System

Carbon Dioxide (Co2) Fire Extinguishing Systems are the most cost effective choice. Some of the features that make our Co2 fire extinguishing systems or Co2 gas flooding system appealing are that they are:


Fast acting
Electrically non-conductive
Environmentally friendly
Creates no residue
Cost effective


PA system is of course designed by many different companies. Some are well known and popular, while some are perhaps best forgotten. When choosing your system, choose components that are proven to be reliable. You can choose the individual components separately from different manufacturers, matching up the best or you can choose from the many all-in-one PA system. Either way chooses carefully and you will have a sound system that will last you for many years.


FM-200 fire flooding system is the data center fire suppression gas system. In addition to the safety benefits described above, the system takes up little space and the gas cylinders are conveniently (and safely) housed within the data center.

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