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Conventional Manual Fire Alarm Systems

Conventional - The conventional fire alarm systems panel is commonly used today in small buildings. This is composed of indicators divided into zones. Each zone may have a number of devices to it and gives the alert in case any device is activated. One of the major drawbacks of this type of fire alarm panel is the fact that it isn't really able to specify the exact device which has been activated. This means that if a circuit is activated, it falls to the people to actually find the fire in the zone specified by that circuit. The time it requires to locate the fire could be crucial in preventing a huge disaster.


Manual – The manual fire alarm system a fire alarm systems that is manually operated, so arranged that the operation of any one station will ring all signals throughout the building as well as at one or more selected locations.


Products of Alarm System - Fire Alarm Control Penal, Heat Detector, Hooter, IONISATION SMOKE DETECTOR, Ionization smoke detector, Main control penal, Manual Call Point, OPTICAL SMOKE DETECTOR, Response Indicator, Single Station Detector etc.

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